DURING COVID-19 Stay Safe at Home Orders; We are Still Here To Serve You.

22 MARCH 2020 

We are still able to assist you with your legal needs while you stay safe at home.   We are taking consults over the phone, and exchanging documents through email and fax.    

 There are some situations that cannot wait!  Courts are open for those situations and we are here to assist you.  So, what’s happening currently in our Ventura County Courts:

  COVID-19 COURT CLOSURE The Ventura Superior Court will continue with limited operations from Monday, March 23rd to Friday, April 17th.

 During this period, the majority of courtrooms and all clerk’s offices at all court locations remain closed to the public. A small number of courtrooms will be operating to hear urgent criminal, juvenile, temporary restraining order issues and emergency ex parte Family Law, Civil and Probate matters only.

 Jury Services will be closed through March 31, 2020.

 All civil trials and non-emergency hearings are suspended for 90 days. They will be continued to a new date and notices will be mailed out.

The Courts Self-Help Centers also are closed.

We are respecting the need for safety, but are available by telephone and/or email.    We can handle your situation while we continuing to be Safe.

 Now more than ever if you need to get into Court for an emergency situation, you need us. 

Our firm has talented attorneys that will go the extra mile for you.

Call now  today at 805-484-6885.  It’s time for you to get the answers you need.   

Check our facebook page for daily video updates on changes and important legal issues during this time.

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