Writs and Appeals

When your case is heard in trial court the judge or jury weighs the evidence presented, and assesses the credibility of witnesses. As the case reaches the appellate court, factual issues and witness credibility are usually no longer considered. With limited exception, the arguments that are made in the court of appeal must also have been addressed in the trial court. The appeal focuses primarily on the law and its correct interpretation and application. For this reason, an appeal must make a compelling case that the trial court made an error of law and that the law is on your side.

It is important that trial counsel also be experienced in appellate litigation, and that your appellate lawyer has a full grasp of the legal issues involved. Your appellate lawyer must comprehensively understand the law so thoroughly that he or she will be able to present new and subtle nuances within the law as clear and forceful arguments in your favor. As  an experienced Appellate Attorney, Laurie Peters can provide you with the proper counsel.

The Law Offices of Laurie Peters also provides practical assistance in determining whether an appeal has merit, and the likelihood of success. Our appeal lawyers take pride in providing clients with an objective analysis. In some instances, the likelihood of success in overturning an adverse trial court judgment is minimal, and not worth the expense of an appeal. In other instances the trial court made an obvious error of law which maximizes the likelihood of success in the court of appeal.

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At the Law Offices of Laurie Peters we have a thorough command of the law.  If you or your business suffered an adverse trial court ruling, or received a favorable trial court ruling which you want to uphold on appeal, consider calling us for a consultation. You can count on the Law Offices of Laurie Peters to listen to your legal concerns, give an honest assessment of your case’s legal merits, and deliver unparalleled personalized legal representation.

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